Request for Qualifications: Broadway Corridor


Issued: November 8, 2017
Responses Due: February 9, 2018

“The Main Post Office site is perhaps the most exciting single redevelopment opportunity in the city, with the potential to become a major employment center over time.”

The Broadway Corridor, which encompasses the downtown Portland U.S. Postal Service site, is a key opportunity site for high-density employment, mixed-income housing, and signature city attractions and amenities. Redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor offers a unique opportunity to advance Portland’s economy and vitality and deliver robust community benefits.

Prosper Portland is pursuing planning and redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor with an intentional focus on ensuring all communities have an opportunity to engage in and benefit from its redevelopment. Robust community engagement, including input from the Broadway Corridor Steering Committee, will accompany efforts to solicit development partner(s), prepare a development plan, and define required public benefits to be included in a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) as part of redevelopment.

Through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Prosper Portland and Portland Housing Bureau are seeking statements of qualifications from development teams to perform the following:

  • Development Planning Phase. The selected development team (Developer) will serve as an advisor on development planning activities for the Broadway Corridor.  Prosper Portland is contracting with Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) for the purpose of completing a development strategy for the Study Area and a formal Central City Master Plan for the USPS Property, subject to a Type III Land Use Review approval.  The Developer will serve as an advisor during this process, in collaboration with the project stakeholders further described in Section 3.B.  Prosper Portland is seeking to engage the Developer early in the planning process to ensure an implementable development plan that accommodates the city’s growth and delivers robust community benefits.

  • Redevelopment Phase. The Developer will have exclusive negotiation rights for redevelopment of the USPS Property, as further described in Section 5.B, following successful completion of the above Development Planning Phase.


  • Addendum 1 released November 20, 2017 to respond to a question received about the RFQ
  • Addendum 2 released December 5, 2017 to respond to questions received about the RFQ
  • Addendum 3 released December 8, 2017 to extend the submission deadline and respond to questions we received about the RFQ.
  • Addendum 4 released December 18, 2017 to extend the deadline for submitting questions regarding the RFQ.
  • Addendum 5 released January 29, 2018 to respond to questions we received about the RFQ.

    The Working Planning Tool has been used by the Steering Committee in the development of the Guiding Principles and Evaluation Criteria. For your reference, the document is available through the link below: