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Timeline of the Broadway Corridor project

Timeline of the Broadway Corridor project

Timeline of the Broadway Corridor project

The Framework Plan proposed a high level concept for the physical form of development and resulted in foundational assumptions to inform future planning and development, including:

  • 32 acres of land in downtown Portland (USPS site is 14 acres)

  • Will knit the city together

  • The Portland Housing Bureau co-acquired the site with Prosper Portland, investing $14.5M to secure rights to 16% of the property, adequate to develop approximately  ~700 units of affordable housing (or 30% of the modeled residential units in the Framework Plan). The units will be  developed via direct investment by PHB and the requirements of the Inclusionary Housing Program.

  • City Council has authorized an increase to the maximum height and development volume (Floor Area Ratio or FAR) on the USPS property.  The FAR has increased to 7:1 and the maximum height is 250’ on the southern portion of the site and 400’ on the northern portion.

  • Public infrastructure enhancements are anticipated to include the extension of two additional park blocks and the extension of NW Johnson Street and partial extension of Park Avenue within the USPS Property.   




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You can visit and download the complete Broadway Corridor Framework Plan here.